Cornelius does Pittsburgh (Part 1)

Even though one-third of the Coan-Rogos crew is no longer allowed to attend the ReplayFX gaming festival in Pittsburgh, as my stalker / stalkers will tell you, we “had long ago purchased non-refundable airline tickets” and we weren’t going to let those shits go to waste!

Yeah, it sucked to be right there in the city where one of my favorite events was going down and not being able to step foot inside. It didn’t stop me from mentioning how wonderful the convention was to every Uber Driver, deli employee and beer distributor owner willing to listen. Of course, I stopped short of admitting that I’m not actually going this year (or ever again) – people don’t need to know everything.

Pittsburgh is a lovely city, and it’s got quite a few places to enjoy pinball! I had a list of a bunch of places I wanted us to visit, but we only made it to a few of them. Although we shot video for The Third Annual Cornball Championships at both Pinball PA and Pinball Perfection (Geocities / Angelfire-esque content trigger warning), Pinball PA was so spectacular I ended up going back after my boys left and doing an episode of Cornelius Pinball Adventures! It really is an amazing place, not only because of their incredible line up of well-maintained pins, but their jaw-dropping collection of arcade games as well!

We also discovered a gaming store in the same shopping center as Pinball PA called “The Gamemasters Realm” that has pretty much every video game in existence. I’m only barely embellishing when I say that – the place has some shit. Just a few minutes of perusing and I discovered a TurboExpress, while Nemt teased me with a copy of Culdcept for the Sega Saturn. The Hopewell Shopping Center may not look like much, but you could totally make a day of it here: Pinball PA all day followed by treasure hunting at The Gamemasters Realm, then some dinner at JW Hall’s Steak & Seafood Inn and a trip across the street to Bruster’s Real Ice Cream for dessert.

I hope you enjoy the latest Adventure, and I hope you come back soon for Part Two!


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