Cornelius Pinball Adventures!

Episode 1:

I recorded this video on a complete whim, thinking to myself “why don’t I try to give some shine to the places I love to play”? And I love to play at Mission Control, or should I say, I lovED to play at Mission Control, before all this bullshit went down in my life. Now I feel paranoid playing there. I always feel like someone’s going to punch in the back of the head for disrespecting so-and-so. I swear that right around the time I was being referred to as a “gamergater”, this large biker couple that I had never seen before came in and were just eyeballing me all night. Maybe I’m wrong? I dunno. I love this place though and I want to go back to feeling welcome there.

Episode 2:

Bought a magnificent monopod from Fry’s that is is just at the right height to look over my shoulder as I play, poorly, and make videos of it. Your boys 1 & 2 came up to me as I was playing T2 and asked me if I was a “professional gamer”, I blushed and said no, I’m just a nerd. They were like “no man what you’re doing is cool, how many subscribers do you have” and when I said “about six” they went apeshit and said “WE’RE GOING TO BE FAMOUS!!!”. Fucking little shitbirds even condescending me.


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